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Welcome to Peter Paquin Cranberries

Peter has been growing cranberries for almost 30 years now, controlling 75 acres of Early Blacks and Stevens cranberries in Middleboro and Carver. He has also built 77 acres and counting of Stevens berries in the upper state of New York.

All six of Peter’s children have all been involved in this family run business for many years. Not only have the children been involved but also his brother Henry Paquin, owner of about 17 acres of bogs in Lakeville. On top of his brother being involved in the bogs, he also has step brothers, a few nephews and a grandchild who helps with Peter’s bogs or maintains their own family bogs.

The cranberry industry has made dramatic changes through the years, and we are just trying to keep up. There are now hundreds of uses for cranberries. Juice and cranberry sauce are no longer your only options. Sweetened dried cranberries have changed the ways that many people enjoy this grape sized fruit. A demand has been created for them by consumers is so many different ways. People now want to buy them to make all kinds of different baked goods from cakes to pies.

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Posted on Fri, 4 Jun 2010