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Peter Paquin Cranberries is a family owned and operated business. In the late 70s Peter started his busines by purchasing a lot of trees. However, the owner of the trees wouldn't budge and sold Peter a 200 acre piece of land. This land included a 4 acre cranberry bog. For the next ten years Peter focused his efforts into growing that 4 acre bog into a beautiful 55 acre lot of cranberries. The next installment of the Peter Paquin Cranberry operation was to build 20 acres of more bogs in Middleboro, MA and is currently working on renovating and renewing a 20 acre plot in Carver, MA. Running out of room in Massachusetts Peter moved most of his operations to northern New York State, where he proceeded to plant 75 more acres.

Peter involves his 6 kids in the process of cranberry care and harvestinng. Some of the things that occupy their time would be planting, weeding, frosting, mowing, picking and ice sanding. Tasks like these keep us all, as a family, extremely busy throughout the entire year. In upstate New York where the operation is the largest, Peter and Patti built their own processing plant. This equipment is used in cleaning the berries and putting them into totes so they can be brought to the freezer.

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